About Me

For the past four years, I have been tour directing. Due to the nature of the job being fast paced, the dining options are limited with very limited time constraints on eating. This has caused me to have some serious dietary issues.

I had started to have some acid reflux problems. It took over a year to find out what the problem was/is. I called my brother, a doctor in Maine who did some tests on me. He had me on a wheat, dairy, and sugar free diet for 6 months. I felt better but when I reintroduced wheat I still had acid problems. I called a GI doctor, who tested me for Celiac and also did an endoscopy. I found I had Hpylori and EE (Eosinophilic Eosophagitis- for more information about it go to: American Partnership for Eosinophilic Disorders. In most cases, it is related to allergies. I had all the allergy tests and was negative for everything except plum and brazil nuts, two foods that I might have once in 5 years or so. The doctors suggest doing oral steroids but I don’t trust that there wouldn’t be some long term side effects, especially if I am on it for 6 months of longer, as they suggest. I went to an Accupuncturist who referred to it as  Plum Pit Syndrome. He game me some herbs to take and a session of accupuncture. It seemed to help, although very subtle. In addition, I am back on the gluten free diet, as I feel better on it, even trying a few GF bread mixes.

A few months ago, I attended a Women’s Networking Luncheon where I met a cake and cookie decorator, Debra Mosely, author of The cake and cookie closet-All dolled up in sugar. I expressed my frustrations of attempting to bake gluten free (she is also GF). She introduced me to Jules Gluten Free and explained that you make anything with this flour blend. And boy was she right. I have enjoyed making everything from cookies and pies to graham crackers to biscuits and muffins, all gluten free.

I would like to thank Debra for introducing me to Jules’ flour blend and to Jules for making it possible to enjoy baking and for me to enjoy eating gluten free versions of many of my favorite foods.

Enjoy my blog and happy baking and eating.


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