Gluten Free Baking for travel

I began to have issues with gluten about a year ago. I have been completely gluten-free for almost 6 months now. Not that it has been easy, which it hasn’t, as it is challenge to keep the variety fresh and to make good easy to transport lunches. I have been experimenting with different recipes and flour from Jules Gluten Free. I made some wonderful chocolate-chip cookies, which unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of. In the desert area, I also made some brownies but, I confess they weren’t from scratch, They were a Betty Crocker gluten free mix and thought they were pretty good.

I have made several breads from mixes but they have come out crumbly. I’ve attempted 2 different breads from scratch. The first was a multigrain sourdough GF bread. It was a recipe from CIA (Culinary Institute of America) Gluten Free Baking. I am not sure what went wrong…it was way too moist but, I should have known since the batter looked more like cake batter when I put in in the pan. It looked great from the outside but it was too wet on the inside but done. When I took it out of the oven it also fell.

My second attempt at bread making was a popcorn bread. The recipe was for a bread maker, which I don’t have. I followed the instructions as best as I could and realized before it was in the pan that I had the same problem…too moist so, I added the rest of the popcorn flour. It didn’t rise like I wanted it too but maybe I didn’t give it enough time pre-baking. It was a little moist but, not bad and very delicious but, not exactly sandwich slices.
I am also part Chinese which I believe I have mentioned in an earlier post. I have been craving jiaozi (potstickers, as they are known by most Americans). I had gone to several Asian grocery stores to see if I could find any rice-based ones or other rice-based dumplings. Unfortunately there were none. After I had received my Jules GF flour, I found a recipe on her website for Pierogies, which I believe are similar. So, I followed the recipe for the Pierogies for the wrappers and a recipe in Asian Kitchen for pork dumplings. They turned out perfect. Just what I had been craving…and as delicious as I had remembered the wheat versions were. I am so happy that I can now have them again.   The filling was quite a bit so, I froze it and will use it the next time I get another jiaozi craving. What do you think? You would think these were “regular” ones but are gluten free:

These are pre-cooked ones.

And these are a few after they were cooked. Now, these would be a great lunch to take on the go.


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